Winning Designs Unveiled #ZonkyDesignChallenge

We hosted the #ZonkyDesignChallenge back in November, where we gave you all the chance to design and win your very own custom Zonky.
Everyone who took part picked up their pens and pencils and let their imagination run free! Thank you all so much for sending in your unique and colourful designs. It was so fun seeing all of them!
Now here's the moment you have all been waiting for… the unveiling of the winning designs!
zonky play sofa custom design dinosaurs in a meadow

Roarsome Buddies 

Kimberly and her mischief-makers took inspiration from the beauty of sibling love when designing their custom play sofa.
What we adored most was how it highlights a bond between the two dinosaurs, reminding us to always show care and kindness.
IG: kimberleyjayne17
zonky custom designs rainbow cloud print

Rainbow Clouds

This design by Linzi and her 7-year-old daughter  featured the sweetest things in the world—clouds, stars, rainbows, and hearts. The pale pink patterned design uplifts spirits, radiates joy, and we thought this was dreamy enough to transform playtimes into something almost like a fairytale.
IG: thegingerbreadcat19
zonky custom designs house

Mountain Playscapes

Last but not least, this design was thought up by mama and daughter duo, Em and Bonnie. This was the most intricate of designs, featuring two playscapes made from the base blocks, and houses made from the cushion blocks. We love the innovation behind this design and the many scenarios we imagine children using. The completed play sofa is simply genius. Check out our Instagram post to see the other ways this can be used.
IG: emloufla

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